Things not to put in a post/PM

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Things not to put in a post/PM

Post  MajesticWolfs on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:39 pm

1. do not say stuff like, "hey sexy moma" I had a guy pm me that and just letting you know thats NOT ok!
2. do not post SPAM (We mods don't really like that) (Except in Off Topic Topic and SPAM SPAT Forum.
3. please don't make a topic that says things like, "Looking for a mate" or "Want to have sex" that is NOT ok!!
4. If you make a topic saying "MATE HERE!" they will be locked and/or deleted
5. And no sexual content/drug involved/crime involved!

If any of this happens the topics will be deleted and the user will either be deleted off the site or banned for a number of days or forever Exclamation

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